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IsoClear A™ affinity adsorbent is developed and manufactured exclusively by Prometic Bioseparations Ltd (PBL). It comprises a chemically synthesised trisaccharide blood antigen A ligand covalently attached to a polymethacrylate bead and is immobilised using a defined and highly stable spacer-arm linkage which promotes optimal interaction with the target protein.

IsoClear A™ and IsoClear B™ can be used for the removal of Isoagglutin antibodies from Plasma, Serum and IVIG solutions.

Please contact us for pricing for pack sizes of >500mL.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions cm


Absorbent appearance


Base Matrix

Beaded polymethacrylate resin

Particle Size


Recommended operating pressure

Up to 1 bar

Operational flow rate

Up to 500 cm/hr

Recommended operational pH

ph 4.0 to pH 8.0

Chemical Stability

Stable in all commonly used buffers and solutions


20% ethanol/1.0 M acetic acid


2-30◦C, 20% Ethanol Note: do not store the resin in buffers of extreme pH or at elevated temperatures.

Product Documentation

IsoClear Brochure    9301 - IsoClear A GEL SLURRY TUG   IsoClear A PC9301 SDS Issue 5