Fabsorbent F1P HF


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Fabsorbent™ F1P HF is an adsorbent with a synthetis ligand which can be used as a superior alternative to Protein L for the capture and purification of antibody fragments including monovalent antibody fragments (e.g. Fab scFv), engineered antibody variants and single domain antinbodies.

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F1P synthetic triazine ligand

Absorbent appearance


Base Matrix

Highly cross-linked 6% near monodisperse agarose (PuraBead 6HF)

Particle Size

90 ± 10µm

Binding Capacity

Human Fab: Up to 20 g/L Human IgG1: Up to 60 g/L

Opertating Pressure

Up to 3 bar (45 psi)

Operational flow rate

Up to 500 cm/hr with column diameter < 3cm Up to 200 cm/hr with column diameter > 5cm

Operating pH

pH2 to pH 14 (intermittent)

Chemical Stability

Stable in all commonly used buffers and solutions


0.5 to 1.0M NaOH, 25◦C


2-30◦C, 20% Ethanol

Product Documentation

Fabsorbent™ F1P HF Adsorbent Technical User Guide    Fabsorbent PC3904 SDS Issue 2