Serine Protease Removal

p-Aminobenzamidines are potent synthetic inhibitors of serine proteases and immobilized para-isomer of Aminobenzamidine has been used in the purification of a large number of serine proteases and esterases by affinity chromatography including trypsin, thrombin, kallikrein, urokinase, acetylcholinesterase and alkaline phosphatase. It can also be used to separate one serine protease from another (for example, trypsin and chymotrypsin) and for the removal of trace proteases to stabilise protein product from proteolytic degradation.

p-Aminobenzamidine Agarose P6XL is based on cross-linked 6% agarose. The ligand p-Aminobenzamidine is covalently immobilised via long spacer linker which is stable over a wide pH range. PBL’s p-Aminobenzamidine Agarose 6XL is highly stable, exhibits negligible ligand leakage and is capable of maintaining high performance over a very large number of process cycles. This product is manufactured in a controlled environment to SO 9001 quality standard and is used in regulated large-scale manufacturing processes worldwide.

Key Features:

• Affinity purification and removal of serine proteases
• High purity p-aminobenzamidine ligand
• Ligand binds selectively to the active site of serine proteinases
• High dynamic binding capacity
• Sanitisable with 20% ethanol/1.0M acetic acid or 8M urea allowing multiple cycles
• Highly reproducible batch-to-batch manufacture to ISO 9001 standard
• Supported with a comprehensive Regulatory Support File
• Multiple end users in regulated bio- pharmaceutical development and manufacturing scale processes