Isoagglutinin Removal

Individuals of AB blood type are ‘Universal Plasma’ donors as their plasma does not contain isoagglutinin antibodies (anti-A and anti-B). However, AB is the rarest blood group possessed by approximately only 4% of the population. As a result, AB plasma is in great demand as it is only available in limited quantities.

Prometic Bioseparations Ltd. (PBL) have developed two affinity chromatography adsorbents (IsoClear A™ & IsoClear B™) comprising immobilized trisaccharide blood group antigens (A & B). These antigens are chemically synthesized and covalently attached to a biocompatible polymethacrylate support matrix. These adsorbents are highly selective for the removal of both isoagglutinin antibodies, enabling cost effective and efficient manufacture of ‘Universal Plasma’ from more abundant A, B and O blood types (~96% in total)

Key Features of Isoclear Adsorbents:

  • Applicable with most blood derived compositions
  • Specific for anti-A, anti-B & anti-A, B isoagglutinins (IgM and IgG isotypes)
  • High performance (typically >99% isoagglutinin removal from plasma)
  • Excellent protein recovery (typically >99%)
  • Full recovery of protective antibodies, coagulation & Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP) factors
  • Easy to pack adsorbents with excellent flow properties
  • Robust, long-life resins capable of multiple cycles