EvolveD™ Disposable Columns

Building on the success of the Evolve™ Process column range, Prometic Bioseparations (PBL) have developed the EvolveD™ column range to provide a ‘ready-to-use’ prepacked format. Available in 70, 100 and 200mm diameters, with bed height options of either 10 or 20cm.

EvolveD™ Process Columns are supplied pre-packed with media from PBL’s range of bioseparation products for applications such as protein purification & contaminant removal but can also be custom packed with a wide range of chromatography media types – agarose & polymethacrylate based adsorbents.

Columns can be packed in GMP (Iso7) environment and supplied with Certificate of Analysis and Validation Support binder.

Click here: https://resources.prometicbioseparations.com/brochures/evolved-disposable-column-brochure to download a brochure

For further information and pricing, please contact us at sales-pbl@prometic.com .

EvolveD™ have the following features:

  • Range of sizes and bed heights providing a cost effective ready to use columns ideally suited for continuous chromatography application.
  • Scalable platform from 380mL to 6L (launch range)
  • Non-metallic flow path constructed from pharmaceutical grade material (USP Class VI) making them suitable for the bio-manufacturing market.
  • Available pre-packed with a wide range of PBL adsorbents and also as custom packed columns (with non Prometic adsorbents).
  • Packed in ISO7 clean room environment
  • Supported with validation binder which includes materials of construction, leachable/ extractable data, transportation studies, cleaning studies and full instructions.