Antibody Fragments

Protein engineering techniques provide a means for minimizing antibodies into Fab fragments, scFv or even single-domain antibody fragments such as VH, VL or VHH. These genetically engineered antibody fragments provide new opportunities for therapeutic and diagnostic applications.

However, unlike full-chain monoclonal antibodies where Protein A based affinity adsorbents provide a convenient platform for capture and purification, antibody fragments which lack an Fc region frequently require purification by using a combination of non-affinity based chromatography methods.

Prometic Bioseparations has developed an affinity adsorbent for the capture and purification of a wide range of antibody fragments. Fabsorbent™ F1P HF is a synthetic-ligand light-chain binding adsorbent which can be used as a superior alternative to Protein L for the capture and purification of antibody fragments including monovalent antibody fragments (e.g. Fab, scFv), engineered antibody variants and single domain antibodies.

The robustness and broad applicability of Fabsorbent™ F1P HF makes this adsorbent the ideal choice for both early stage research and development applications and also for larger-scale manufacturing uses where the full benefit of the high-flow/low pressure Purabead® HF support matrix can be utilised. Given its broad selectivity, Fabsorbent™ F1P HF provides a “platform” technology for the purification of antibody fragments.