Antibodies (Polyclonal And Monoclonal IgG)

MAbsorbents® were developed to mimic the Phe-132, Tyr-133 dipeptide binding site in the hydrophobic core structure of Protein A. We have developed IgG binding ligand libraries using a triazine scaffold substituted with aromatic amines. The resultant synthetic bifunctional ligands exhibit high affinities for human immunoglobulin G. Hence, MAbsorbent® A2P and A2P LL provide excellent purification performance.

MAbsorbents® effectively bind a wide variety of human and mammalian polyclonal antibodies (including bovine, mouse, sheep, goat, horse and rabbit) as well as whole monoclonal antibodies, humanized antibody chimeras and antibody fragments.

MAbsorbent® A2P P6HF LL is recommended for purification of IVIG (Intravenous Immunoglobulin) from Plasma and MAbsorbent® A2P P6HF for human or humanized antibodies.

Binding Characteristics of Mabsorbents:

  • Polyclonal IgG and all sub-classes
  • Monoclonal antibodies(all classes of IgG)
  • Humanized antibodies
  • Antibody fragments
  • Antibody fusion proteins